Hello! My name is Francie Hogan, and I am an artist born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. I recently graduated from The University of Alabama with a BFA in studio art. During my time at the University, I focused on painting and printmaking. I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t creating, so choosing a path in art was easy. Being a professional artist has always been my dream. Art has a tremendous presence in my life, and I love it with all of my heart. I know my artistic abilities are a gift from the Lord and I am so thankful to Him. My subjects and inspirations will always be evolving, but memories are my current source of inspiration. My goal is to not only to captivate the viewer, but to also trigger a sense of nostalgia and bring joy into people’s hearts and homes with my paintings. I think memories are some of the greatest gifts we have. I love looking back every now and then and letting my memories inspire me. So many of my happy memories are of summer time. Spending time at the beach or the lake during the summer with my family always gives me the greatest sense of tranquility and contentment. Art helps me go back to that place of euphoria, and I want others to feel that same feeling. I long for familiarity because of the stage of life that I am in. Transitioning comes with its hardships, so memories of tranquility bring me comfort as I move forward in establishing myself. I know I am not the only person who struggles with life’s ever evolving nature and chaos. If my paintings can cause a person to take a moment and remember something good, then I have done my job as an artist. My work is about nostalgia, contentment, and moments in time; and I hope to express this through my use of color, patterns, and technique.